This stage was the most daunting for me because I’m not sure I understood what I was doing when I reflect on my experiences with bargaining. Most examples I’ve found were for people with terminal illnesses, not an abrupt death of a family member and best friend. I wasn’t sure I had the time to bargain while searching for Loretta, especially if you consider my lack of faith and belief in a higher power at the time.

Thank you all for reading and lending me words of support and encouragement. This blog, along with engaging people to help raise awareness on the issue of violence and the survivors of violent crime have been major conduits of therapy for me.

Please stay tuned for a very, very exciting announcement on my next step in storytelling.

Delilah 🙂

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This was one of the hardest pieces to write. I’m honestly sorry to everyone I’ve hurt due to my all consuming anger, and grateful for those who continue to stand by my side. Feel free to share, retweet, and reblog. Thanks for continuing to read my work ❤

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Denial: Part 2 of 6
Please feel free to share, retweet and reblog. Also, don’t forget to register at for regular updates and to join the discussion on a sea of topics and issues regarding race and indigeneity!


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On Grief

Here is part one of six on grief for

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First publication!

Today, rolled out the first of many contributions I will be making to this very informative and current mobile platform. is a great source for facts, stories, and community engagement surrounding the issues faced by the Indigenous community, and how we are working to overcome them!

Click here to read ‘Just Cause’ and please feel free to share!


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I Am a Native American Woman With White Privilege

First off, I think it’s important to say that I do not, and have not ever primarily identified as white. On my mother’s side, I’m Native American, enrolled in ghostmy Tribe, and, to a large extent, raised in my culture. I was born on the reservation and lived on or near reservations for much of my life. Indigenous cultural signifiers are important to me – I love Coastal designs and canoes. I love to eat Salmon, attend gatherings, and socialize at potlatches or powwows. However, due to genetics (while both my grandparents on my mother’s side are Indigenous, my grandmother is light-skinned, and my grandfather, of mixed ancestry) it so happens that I am light. Like, really light. Light as a ghost, let-me-put-my-arm-next-to-yours-and-compare-whiteness light. Some people call me glow-worm because they think I’ll be florescent under blacklights.

There are a lot of ways in which it sucks to be a…

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Turning a New Leaf on Grief

I think it’s time I share stories of hope and transformation, don’t you?

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may have a sense of the work I do for other blogs, media outlets, in the community, and my personal struggles.

I haven’t been very active on this blog for quite some time. Not because I don’t believe in it, but I used this as my journal, publishing first draft entries which took some time to process.

I went through many trials and tribulations in the last year. After hurting so many people and myself in the process, I decided to go to detox for my drinking.

Since quitting drinking, I have been more positive and productive! I have the clarity to express more (and more effectively), so I have decided to make an effort to write in here at least once a week to share my work with various films, universities, organizations, and media platforms!

Also, if you are a family member or organization advocating your stolen loved one, feel free to e-mail me dates and locations of vigils, marches, court proceedings and other things of that nature if you would like me to promote and/or attend!

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