Did I not pay attention to the tragedies that seem to be rampant in this day and age? I’m not sure if this is me growing up and realizing the world can be a tragic and dark place, or if it has become even more so since my sister was killed. Either way, I’ve become more aware of the bad and the beautiful around me.

I haven’t been to a therapist in over a month. I’m looking for another at the moment but have been quite proactive with beginning the healing process on my own. Writing has been a very successful therapeutic outlet thus far but I won’t be posting a lot in the next week or so. I’ll be providing updates, doing interviews, offering little bits of insight.
Keep checking in for sneak peeks of what you have to look forward to when I launch homicidesurvivor.ca!

If you or anyone you know has experienced the loss and trauma of losing a loved one to homicide and are interested in sharing your story you can e-mail me at delilah@homicidesurvivor.ca


About Homicide Survivor

The issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women has encompassed my life after the murder of my sister, Loretta Saunders, in February 2014. Loretta was studying the issue of #MMIWG for her thesis topic at the time of her death. To take a proactive approach to my own healing, I have since taken on the titles of author, advocate, and activist to carry my sister’s legacy forward and raise awareness. I can be reached VIA e-mail at delilah.saunders@hotmail.com
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4 Responses to homicidesurvivor.ca

  1. Catherine says:

    Really good of you, not only to do this blog, but to share it with others. I think through this method of self therapy you’ll also help others whose own tragedies have just happened, and need to hear someone who really understands. Much love ❤


  2. Crystal says:

    Keep writing Delilah. You, as well as your words, are powerful. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


  3. Michael says:

    Hi, Delilah. I find your words, strength, and story so inspiring and disturbing (in the good way, the way the wind disturbs the leaves). You have somehow managed to take your anguish and turn it into a brilliant initiative aimed at helping others! Your honesty and courage move me deeply. I suffer from PTSD as well, following a lengthy and brutal assault, I’ve been unable to return to work for almost four years. I’ve also been campaigning for #MMIW for many years. I guess what I’m trying to say, Delilah, is–you give me hope and inspiration through the path you’ve chosen. I can only imagine how proud Loretta is of you! Thank you!


    • Michael, you are the reason I do this. I wish to spread hope for a brighter future and tighter relationship between all of us. So much love and respect to you. Feel free to add me on Facebook at Delilah Saunders, and never shy away from reaching out. xo


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