This stage was the most daunting for me because I’m not sure I understood what I was doing when I reflect on my experiences with bargaining. Most examples I’ve found were for people with terminal illnesses, not an abrupt death of a family member and best friend. I wasn’t sure I had the time to bargain while searching for Loretta, especially if you consider my lack of faith and belief in a higher power at the time.

Thank you all for reading and lending me words of support and encouragement. This blog, along with engaging people to help raise awareness on the issue of violence and the survivors of violent crime have been major conduits of therapy for me.

Please stay tuned for a very, very exciting announcement on my next step in storytelling.

Delilah 🙂


About Homicide Survivor

The issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women has encompassed my life after the murder of my sister, Loretta Saunders, in February 2014. Loretta was studying the issue of #MMIWG for her thesis topic at the time of her death. To take a proactive approach to my own healing, I have since taken on the titles of author, advocate, and activist to carry my sister’s legacy forward and raise awareness. I can be reached VIA e-mail at
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